By melding the best of old world traditions with an adventurous taste for contemporary dining, Alba Restaurant Group’s international team of professionals offers guests a dynamic range of menus, beverages and surroundings.

At Alba, fine dining in comfortably elegant surroundings provides patrons with locally sourced, creatively prepared dishes, perfectly complemented with selections from one of the region’s most extensive wine lists.

At Zef, owner Leo Keka’s homage to the inspiration of his late father, Zef Keka, innovative, eminently shareable small plates, entrées and raw bar offerings tip their distinctive cap to the culinary traditions of his homeland’s Albanian history as a one-time province of the republic of Venice.

We look forward to welcoming you at either location.


  • Leo Keka – Owner
  • Keith Andersen – Executive Chef
  • Leonardo Kacaj – Restaurant Manager
  • Angie Hawe – Restaurant Manager
  • Svetlana Antonelli -Restaurant Manager
  • Amaldi Refugjati – Head Server
  • Deborah Nee – Head Server
Pictured: Leo Keka’s late father, Zef Keka; Leo and his daughter; Leo and his son.

Zef Cicchetti + Raw Bar draws its inspiration from Venice, putting a raw bar, salumi, cocktails, and house-made pasta front-and-center. It features cicchetti — small side dishes that are the hallmark of Venetian wine bars.